Sunday Ramble II

So, another Infinity War trailer is out and half the world has probably already seen it by now. I think it was awesome as always, getting the heart pumping and the mind impatient to see it all go down in late April. I am curious to see, now more than ever, how Ant-Man and the Wasp plays into this, considering how absolutely dire and quite universal the consequences of Thanos’ plans are. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is slated to appear in some capacity in Infinity War, but if I had to guess, during the one or two credits scenes is when Scott Lang makes an appearance, possibly with Wasp in tow. It could very well be set before the war begins and Lang is catching up some in-movie audience of fellow superheroes on what has happened and how it will affect the fourth Avengers next year. I find it hard to believe that two of Marvel’s tiniest heroes won’t have a part to play in the follow up film. In a situation like the Infinity Stones, it’s all hands on deck or die.

Speaking of , I also wouldn’t be surprised by a cameo in the Infinity War credits by Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, with her own wild story to catch people up on, for one to explain how she is still in her 20s/30s despite being around in the early 90s, the time-frame of when I was born. If the Netflix heroes like Daredevil, Cage, Jones and even Punisher and Iron Fist show up for the fourth film, that would be super, thanks for asking.

One thing that is worrying me if all this Marvel hype is to be expected, is that a film I am really hoping doesn’t suck might suck box office wise. It’s coming out this week and not a single review has materialized. Thanks to the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas recently, Spielberg’s Ready Player One has gotten early reviews and while the acclaim isn’t high, it’s not a terrible film either, something for me to consider if I get some free time and spare money down the line. The film I’m scared for is if you hadn’t already guessed, Pacific Rim: Uprising. I love, cheese and all, the original 2013 film. I want Uprising to succeed not only to support new intellectual properties in Hollywood cinema, but to make Eastern influenced material like the mecha and anime genres relevant in Tinseltown.

True, it’s expected that the international box office, like for the last film, may be what saves this giant robot v giant monster royal rumble flick from disaster. If the reviews are good and even better than the first, than audiences could see Pacific Rim 2 as an appetizer for what Infinity War will bring a month later. I would rather this giant beast flick succeed than Dwayne Johnson’s random as hell Rampage movie. I’ve heard that another bonus to PR2’s success could be a crossover with the Monsterverse, featuring King Kong and Godzilla. So please, America, if the movie’s good, don’t disappoint like last time. The Jaegers need your help!

Originally posted 2018-03-18 18:29:51.

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