Sunday Ramble III

So much for Pacific Rim. A movie continuation I was eagerly anticipating thanks to the brilliant original from 2013 is not all it’s cracked up to be based on its reception. Perhaps if it succeeds at the box office, especially with the international market considered, a third film could right the ship. I doubt it, feeling Del Toro having had more involvement would’ve saved the project, but intimate and touching inter-species romance was his priority rather than intimate and brutal inter-species conflict. You can’t have it all.

It’s a good thing that Far Cry 5 is coming out this week as there is a drought of releases both interactive and observable in the near future. Well, not quite. I will be seeing Ready Player One sometime soon when my friend Angel is available from his busy load of work, considering he is in his final semester of college. There’s also the next Netflix season of Unfortunate Events coming this week too, so maybe it’s not all that dry after all. Aside from Infinity War, there’s only one other thing that’s on my radar for April and it is a pretty obvious one: the new God of War. Kratos, the most famous Spartan ever, aside from Leonidas and technically half the cast of Halo, is back and he’s causing havoc in the Norse mythology rather than the Greek this time around.

He has a son and a really big axe which can return to him after being thrown like a certain Marvel hero. The two of them go on a likely intentional “Last of Us” style adventure across the Norse lands in search of… something IDK. It probably has something to do with Kratos having an understandable but vicious hatred of the Gods, based off his killing spree in the original trilogy from back in the day. It hasn’t been confirmed what exactly Kratos and his son’s quest is for, but I would be surprised if not one Norse god made an appearance in any way. Imagining Kratos ruthlessly caving in Thor’s skull with his hammer has probably floated in many a gamers’ head since the surprise reveal of the new game in E3 2016. Here’s to a new odyssey for the Grey Spartan.

Originally posted 2018-03-25 22:05:14.

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